Some Frequently Asked Questions

On average each concert is 60min in length, length is negotiable.
There is no travel limit, has worked in GTA, northern Ontario and as far away as Hong Kong.
Varies due to location, event, needs of area.
There is no max. It depends on venue and av equipment.
there is no minimum number of students. Each is important enough on their own!
CKC provides all av for local venues. Each venue is encouraged to discuss their space to ensure requirements are met. Any venue that is more than 3hours away may need to provide their own av equipment. This will be discussed at time of booking.
Clean space, stage where applicable, table and chair, screen/white wall, projector cart and or projector.
Minimum 30min.
Please share your initiatives with CKC team prior to presentation. We will do our best to compliment the good work that is begun.
Universal truths. Work with both catholic and elementary schools catering to and respecting the environment of each.

If you have a specific question that was not answered above please feel free to contact us