Becoming caring, kind
and respectful

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We Care Concert

Errol Lee’s ability to captivate and motivate audiences of all ages transcends the cool barrier and effectively affirms his belief that each person is uniquely and inherently valuable. 

Caring Kids Concert

This concert gives youth an opportunity to shine! Participants learn songs, dance moves and the friendship promise in preparation to perform with Errol for each other and/or their families.

We Are A Caring Community
Sponsorship for school or community concert is funded by like-minded not-for-profit and charitable organizations, corporations and community leaders as a way to show they care about their community.
All concerts teach, nurture and model respect and caring for each other as the main message.
Our community concerts are great for the whole family, dignitaries, community leaders, and youth leaders. Our community concerts are engaging including mingle with the crowd and engaging the audience by using a variety of tactics including music, dance lessons, teaching, and mentoring.
Why book a community concert?
Looking to give back to the community? Encourage positive character in your community, make a difference or highlight a social issue. Want to bring attention to your work/organization or even an event, to celebrate and encourage positivity, inclusion and unity? Caring Kids’ Concerts teach and nurture our leaders of tomorrow. We do this through modelling respect, caring and love for each other, nature and the environment within our performances.
Are You a Non-profit Organization?
We have lots of experience working alongside like-minded not for profits and organizations to complement your event.