Elementary School Concerts

Rule of Thumb (K-3)

Younger children learn the rule of thumb based on empathy, that caring is treating each other the way they want to be treated.

Hands Are For Helping (K)

Young children discover the importance of using their hands in a responsible and kind way, refraining from unwanted or aggressive contact with their peers.

The HERO Club (K-5)

Young people learn the importance of caring about and helping others and the importance of being an upstander.  (Includes two storybooks, The HERO Club and The HERO Club Buddy Bench for the school library.)

Cool 2 Be Kind (K-6)

Students become aware that being kind is fun but it’s not always easy and showing kindness is always worth it

Cool2Care (3-8)

Youth learn about the importance of developing compassion in order to become positive, thoughtful and caring people. 

Caring Kids (K-6)

Participants learn songs, dance moves and the friendship promise in preparation for a performance for each other and/or their families. 

My Character-My Decision (6-8)

My Character-My Decision is a thought-provoking concert presentation that promotes the value of the human experience.  In this concert presentation students realize the negative consequencs of being a bystander and discover the importance of standing up for others in a respectful, responsible and peaceful way.    

Honouring Black History (3-8)

Students are provided with a compelling look at the lives of individuals of African descent whose bravery and exemplary character changed the world and made it better for us today. 

The Parent Connection 

Parents and guardians are provided with practical suggestions for helping their children learn about and practice good character.  

Character and Cliques (5-8)

Students learn about the structure of cliques and how to remain true to themselves despite direct pressure from peers and from negative social media postings.