Elementary School

All concert presentations teach the importance of developing positive character traits and are specifically designed to present a meaningful, relevant message that addresses the age ands tage of development of each audience.

Concert Presentation options include but are not limited to divisional and whole school performances, dance workshops and provide opportunities for participants to perform for their parent community.

Rule of Thumb – (Gr K-3)

The rule of thumb supports empathy and highlights The Zones of Regulation. In this concert presentation, kids learn the importance of treating others the way they want to be treated through song, dance and hand cues to encourage students towards kindness and mutual respect. 

Supports character education.  

I’m a Friend – (Gr K-3)

I’m a Friend Conert PResentation is designed to help children be friendly minded. A fun take away for classrooms is The Friendship Promise. In this concert, kids will learn that being a friend using your words and actions to show you care. 

Supports character education. 

The HERO Club – (Gr 3-6 or Gr 1-8)

The theme of The HERO Club book is caring and kindness. Kids will lean to be confident in who they are, the pitfall of being a bystander, and the importance of standing up for others. This book will have kids believing that it’s cool to care. 

Supports character education, bullying prevention and zones of regulation.

The HERO Club Buddy Bench – (Gr 3-6 or Gr 1-8)

Ther HERO Club Buddy Bench reminds readers how our words can encourage or discourage friendship. Two of the most important sentences we can use with our friends are: “I’m sorry.” and ” I forgive you.”

Supports the Buddy Bench, peer support and character education.

Mindset – (Gr 4-8)

This concert presentation encourages kindness as a way of life. Students learn that being kind to others will improve their mindset, sense of self-worth and overall satisfaction in life. 

Supports wellness and character education. 

Honouring Black History – (Gr 3-8)

This concert presentation takes a look at the lives of individuals of African descent whose personal choices, vision and exemplary character are making a difference in the lives of people nationally and internationally 

Supports equity, includsion and achievements. 

We Care Community Concert

Errol Lee will perform an unforgetable one hour concert that encourages caring. – Great parent engagement!

Caring KIDS Concert

This concert gives students an opportunity to shine! Students are taught Errol Lee’s songs and dance moves so that they can perform for their community. This builds confidence, self-esteem and ultimately their character.