Errol Lee feels like a rock star

By Leigh Blenkhorn

As the dancer/musician walks the halls of Johnson Street Public School, students come running out of classrooms to give him high-fives and hugs while others yell out, “Hey Errol, respect.”

Respect is just one of the messages Lee shares with students in Simcoe County and the rest of Ontario through his in-school program.

Lee was awarded the Contribution to the Community trophy at the Barrie Arts Awards in November.

“I knew nothing about the awards. I didn’t even know I was nominated until right before the awards. It was a very nice surprise to win,” he said.

“Winning this award is going to do a lot for the program.”

Lee has always been musical — singing and dancing as a child — but he was also always interested in giving back.

“My grandmother really wanted to raise me a way that would be beneficial to the community. She loved me and taught me to love others. It just became a part of who I am.”

Lee’s journey started when he was writing music to teach The Bible at a Christian school.

A York Region public school teacher heard about the program and enlisted Lee to create one for the board.

Together, they created a program on equality, Lee said.

“When the whole character education piece came to boards, I started adding those messages to my music. Character (education) is everything I stand for.”

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